Volley Pro 2

【I noticed that someone gave bad reviews and gave a star,I am very sorry for this。
That screenshot is the real interface of the game, I do nothing for it.I’m a programmer, not an designer, If the future may be, I will try to modify the interface to make it look better.
It is very difficult to play the game?I play it is very easy。I try to express how to play this game。If it is really hard,I’m going to in a later version of an auto tracking function of the ball, so,You do not have press the moving button, Just press jump button. But, Is this really interesting if do this? If possible, I will add an video to shows how to play this game in the next release. I also see somebody can play very better,^_^, Thanks for your participation!】

[Best feature]
1、included physics engine, ball bounce up more real and vivid.
2、Now, Maybe you can play it with other people around the world! ^_^

1、If you are chasing the ball in the back, it is possible locked the position of the ball automatically when you move to it , which convenient you hit the ball.(see Screenshots)
2、Difficulty of the game is not a great use of the above techniques, I win every time。 can you? ^_^
3、View help in the game.

1、Has four roles and some small games。If you win all the roles, then you will be able to unlock all the small games.
2、Support : iphone 3gs, iphone4, iphone4s, iphone5
ipad1, ipad2, new pad, ipad mini, ipad4
3、just hit it! ^_^

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