Volkswagen Touareg Challenge

Universal Rating: 4+

Volkswagen Touareg Challenge is a game from Volkswagen, originally released 11th May, 2010


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Volkswagen App Motors On to 1 Million Downloads in 10 Days

It seems if you want people to buy your car or sign up for a credit card, the best course of action is to shove an app on the iPhone. Whether such apps actually affect sales of the product in the long run remains up for debate, but if nothing else, they sure as hell whip up the downloads on the App Store.

It should be of no surprise then that Volkswagen’s latest app, Volkswagen Touareg Challenge, has managed to shift 1 million copies just ten days after it made its debut. That’s double the total the company’s previous free iPhone hit, Volkswagen Polo Challenge 3D, managed to amass in the same time.

Fishlabs, who developed the title on behalf of VW, says players are playing the title for an average of eight minutes each time. It said its success goes far beyond the app itself, too, claiming 3,500 players have gone on to a arrange a real-world test-drive with the car, while 50,000 have searched for their nearest dealer.

“The media value may be worth hundreds of thousands of euros compared to the cost of promoting apps in other ways,’ Fishlabs CEO Michael Schade said, the company having enjoyed similar success with another “advergame”, Waterslide Extreme for Barclaycard.

“We are overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of time players are spending with Volkswagen Touareg Challenge”, said Cornelia Lenz from Volkswagen’s eGames team. “But we are especially pleased that Touareg fans are eagerly using the dealer search and that the opportunity to arrange a test drive is doing so well,”

Volkswagen Touareg Challenge’s success doesn’t yet match that of Waterslide Extreme, however, which notched up sales of 2 million in a week when it launched last July, going on to surpass the 10 million mark in late January.

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