Virtual Sports Network

Join the #1 Virtual Sportsbook on iOS and Facebook! Play VSN today for FREE! There's always on going different sports matches daily! Choose from more than a single sport to play! Easy for beginners to learn and tough for players to maintain their ranking on the ladder!

✔ Unique and intuitive design interface
✔ Multiple sports available
✔ Select and support your favorite sports and teams
✔ Chat with other players with common interest
✔ Live match information
✔ Live score provided
✔ FREE 5,000 VSN credits with download
✔ Invite friends to join you and get free credits
✔ Games are played with VIRTUAL credits

★ New content features to keep you coming back for more!

Please take note that there is no cashing out of VIRTUAL credits.

WARNING! This game is very addictive! Please do not download if you are not prepared.

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