Virtual Curling

The next update will include choice of characters men/female/coed, some graphic updates as well!

Virtual Curling is a realistic 3D game based on the actual sport of curling and has real curling stone physics!
Virtual Curling features many great options and very easy to use controls!

You start with the option to choose a teams from one of 9 different countries, the game has been set up to work with the same rules found in a real game of curling, to throw the stone just adjust the slider at the bottom of the screen to control the direction of spin, and then aim with the arrow in front of your player to give direction and speed and release, to control your rock while it is in motion you must use the brooms which are easily controlled by sweeping your finger in the direction or the speed you want to adjust it by!

We have to also bring to your attention the two sweeping modes available, the fun mode and the realistic mode, the names speak for themselves!

No need to just play alone against the computer, you may also choose to play a friend in two player mode!
To help speed up the game for some, we have also made the option to choose the amount of stones to be thrown during each end of the game and we have also added the feature to choose the amount of ends to be played in any game!

What are you waiting for, get the only realistic curling game available for the iPad now!

We are always open to suggestions and love feedback, please contact us at on our contact us webpage.

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