VIP CLUB Soccer – Football

******** VIP CLUB Football – Soccer ********
******** EXCLUSIVE TRIVIA GAME for iPhone 4 ********

The exclusive VIP CLUB Football (Soccer) only admits members with an excellent level of knowledge about Football. If you want to belong to the VIP CLUB: you should respond correctly to 10 questions, randomly selected.


But… also you will need to be patience because you will have to deal with an interviewer … somewhat peculiar and ironic.


- MORE THAN 400 questions.

- Application bilingual: English and Spanish (Made by native speakers).

- Exclusive final. Members only. Get access to the VIP lounge and discover the other members, the motto, the number and the secret symbol of the club.

- You can change your answer during the question time.

- Educational app: You can learn with questions about Football (soccer).

- It is highly recommended to use loudspeakers (the device itself) or headphones, to hear comments from the interviewer.

REQUIRED: iPhone 4 or higher