VIP Baccarat – Squeeze

★★★★★ BEST OF THE BEST ★★★★★

What is the most excited way to play Baccarat?
[ANSWER ] Squeeze the card as VIP player!

*** *** *** ***
*** *** *** ***

♠ Just can’t wait to squeeze the card!
♥ For the first time ever in iPhone & iPad!
♣ Remember the moment you’ve played in the casino!

√ Hyper-realistic experience of card squeeze
√ You can be a VIP player here.
√ Don’t hesitate tap “FREE” button and install it.

*** Basic features ***
√ Free 10,000 chips for the starter
√ Up to 3 times of free 1,000 chips per an hour
√ You can get more chips by purchasing items in AppStore.
√ 100% bonus for the first purchase
√  Speed control (Slow, Normal, Fast)
√ “FREE GAME” after cut-the-deck as the dealer does.

*** Squeeze features ***
√ Tap : Rotate the card
√ Drag : Squeeze horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction
√ Flick : Open the card and send it to the dealer.

★ Now, Let’s install it and squeeze the card!

♠ Always Natural 9!

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