Viking Meraklis

Our friend Meraklis is a young and avaricious Viking who lives in a remote island somewhere in the Northern Seas. He’s a plump, stubborn and very strong guy who works in the town’s tavern (Mc Harry’s) as a cook. His friends and the villagers love his burgers. Especially the triple mc-beefer!!

For the majority of the Vikings, Meraklis is an excellent cook but not an ideal Viking warrior…
He’s chubby and plump and he has never been in a real battle. This in fact is something that Meraklis wants to change. He must do something heroic in order to stand out and prove his braveness.

One day, monsters attacked his village and the neighboring areas. He couldn’t stand still and do nothing. So, he took his shield and his flaming axe and began to cleanse the island of monsters and discover who is behind this attack and revenge.

If you want to lead him on an adventure full of action, mighty enemies, obstacles and pitfalls then do not delay! Just download the game.

The game is designed to play on the landscape orientation. The controls, the gameplay, the graphics and generally the whole game strongly resembles the old handheld platformed-games of the era of 8bit back in the 90s.

The game features over 20 levels to play (some of them secret) that go along a funny story with many bosses and one final supreme evil that surely will be hard to beat.

Also the game is associated with the Apple Game Center so you can earn achievements and compare your score with your friends.

twitter: @psarokokkalo

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