VideoPoker by COINPLAZA for iOS

Announcing VideoPoker, a new and truly fun game by COINPLAZA!

[!!! ATTENTION: You are welcome to freely play the game,
but please be aware before downloading that this game is Japanese-ONLY!!!]

Continuing from the COINPLAZA game (Blackjack) the hottest game “VideoPoker”
makes its debut on the Amazon Jungle!
Among other features that make the fun last forever, VideoPoker features a
special bonus game!
How long can you keep your winning streak to fill up the special bonus gauge?

◆ Game Features
・The hottest double-up game is here! And the hottest special bonus game too!
・Use “Ameba Now” or “Twitter” to share your scores with your friends!

◆ Supported Devices
・iPhone 3GS
・iPhone 4
・iPad 2

◆ Staff
Twitter: @CoinPlaza

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