Video Poker Gratis

***Introducing the best Video Poker on the App Store!!! Made for amateur and professional video poker gamers

ONE APP FOR ALL YOUR DEVICEs: iPod Touch, IPhone and iPad Compatible !!!!

Let’s play like in a Las Vegas Casino!
Fast play, fair shuffles!!!
Pair of Jacks wins and you can double your gains as many times as you want !!!

Play alone or with all your friends using Game Center. Who will be the richest?

Video Poker Gratis, the best Video Poker in APP STORE:

– GAME: the most famous version: “Jacks or Better” wins. A lot of other versions will be available soon !!!

– SHUFFLE ENGINE: Our engine is the most random and equally distribuited as possible!

– FAST GAME: No time wasted!
it’s only play, play, play!!!

– SOUNDS: Sound effects of a real casino!

– EVERY DAY CHIPS: You lost all your chips? don’t worry!!!! The party is not over! You can have another chance… every day!

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