Video Guess

Play the Ad-Free version of Video Guess, one of the most exciting games that combine the challenge of a word game with the amusement of video recording. Enjoy hours of laughs with your friends! Plus benefit from these exclusive bonuses:
+++ More variety of words
+++ FREE Coins
+++ More dynamites and reels

Additional Features!

★ Rewards
Those who create and submit unique and original video recordings can rewarded with a variety of prizes such an iTunes Gift Card of up to $100. Please take the time to sign up ✉ and enjoy the numerous contests that are available throughout the year!

★ Enjoy the game on your iPhone, iPad and even iPod Touch!
Challenge friends on both social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Players may also decide to automatically be partnered with random players by simply creating a username.

★ Pursuit the acting role you’ve always dreamed of!
Create original video recordings that your friends would enjoy watching. Play whichever role you desire, and get imaginative into creating a descriptive video relying on your own personal skills! Don’t be shy of the spotlight!

★ Adjust the lengths of each video recording!
Transfer your video recording into Reels! This allows you to create longer videos, and enjoy the beauty of video recording for longer periods.

★ Dynamites
This feature is used in order to identify one of the letters found in a word. You can also create your own words, different from those offered by LimeTea games. These words can be composed of up to 24 characters. The space bar, numbers (0-9) and dashes each count as individual characters. 

★ Personal Profile
Create and edit your own personal Profile page when playing this game. Add or edit personal display pictures and personal information, found in settings on the layout page.

★ Push notification
You can always be alerted and reminded that it’s your turn to play in the game.

☞ Keep in mind that an Internet connection is required to play Video Guess!

Ⓓⓞⓦⓝⓛⓞⓐⓓ Ⓐⓝⓓ Ⓟⓛⓐⓨ!

Note: Compatible with iPod, iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini iOS 4.3 & higher.

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