WICKIE in Action!
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Vicky, shy and small, is not the ideal son of his father the mighty Viking Chief. But in this action game you will meet Vicky as never before! Play this amazing game packed with VICKY-ACTION!

Your mission: Protect the Viking’s ship by flicking your enemies into the ocean. Fling the bad guys over board!
But be cautious: the burning arrows should not hurt your men or boat.

HINT: With practice you will master the burning arrows.
BONUS: If there are too many enemies Vax will help you.

VICKY iPhone: Action and Adventure; for you and your friends.

Special Features:
-Unlimited levels: play as much as you like!
-Original characters from the famous TV-Series
-Vax beats them all
-Compete via highscore-mode
-Facebook Connect Highscore (next update)

Recommended by the developers of Vicky for Nintendo DS™:
“VICKY iPhone is an exciting new experience: finally we can have the full Vicky action blast!”

VICKY brings you megatons of fun!

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