Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit works on your Iphone and IPad and is an exciting social multiplayer game.
Vertical Limit involves two friends who are connected ascend a vertical wall in Sport Climbing style with use of bolts as Permanent Anchors attached to the Wall Surfaces.
★ But Watch your step, one mistake and both of you plummet down to your death.

To Play, Select a super hero avatar and start the climb Up mountains, walls, forts and any obstacles.
Tap on the Screen to bring up different playing conditions and levels.

Playing Style
★ Vertical Limit involves a playing style much like other common iOS apps like Cut the Rope.
★ Except that this time you dont cut the rope but rely on the rope for survival.
★ Drag your superhero avatars and ensure that they latch on tightly to the visible anchors.
★ Plan your ascent to the top by capturing all the Stars enroute to the summit
★ Watch out for falling boulders which crush you and cause you to fall to your death.

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