Vertex Blaster

Blast your way through a never-ending onslaught of relentless enemies in this addicting, action-packed arcade shooter!

Earn points to upgrade your weapon and beat your high score in Arcade Mode!

Vaporize asteroids to protect your colonies from destruction in Meteor Shower Mode!

Distract enemies with decoy bombs and see how long you can last in Survival Mode!

Use the Time Warp special power to help you collect ammo pellets in Scavenger Mode!

Make no mistake, you *will* die… The question is, how long can you last?

• Takes full advantage of the Retina displays for the new iPad, iPhone 4/4S/5, and iPod Touch 4th/5th Gen!
• Runs full-screen and looks amazing on the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch!
• Four challenging gameplay modes, each offering addicting, non-stop vertex-blasting fun!
• Multiple levels of laser upgrades to help you beat your high scores… If you can stay alive long enough to earn them, that is.
• Two types of explosive weapons, including standard bombs that clear the area of enemies, and decoy bombs that distract enemies and let you take them out from behind!
• Two types of special powers: use the Time Warp to slow down everything around you for a short time in Scavenger Mode! Use the Vortex power to collect asteroids into a convenient (but deceptively dangerous) swirling vortex in Meteor Shower Mode!
• Global Leaderboards!
• 35 Achievements you can earn, spread across all 4 game modes!
• Customizable controls!
• iCade support!
• iControlPad support!
• Joypad app support!

What the reviewers say:

“Solid (well, wireframe) arcade fun” – Tap! Magazine

“Looking for some serious bang for your buck? Look no further.” –

“Way too cool for words” –

“The gameplay is amazing” –

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