Universal Rating: 12+

Velocispider is a game from Retro Dreamer, originally released 1st June, 2011


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Velocispider Review

We live in a world of genetically modified foods and stem cell research, so it was only a matter of time before some mad scientist spliced together a velociraptor and a spider. The resulting creature is a scurrying killing machine, protecting her eggs from aerial assault.

In Velocispider, you play as the multi-legged mama dino in a retro, Space Invaders-style shooter. Your goal is to survive 20 waves of flying robot sealife, including bomb-dropping whales and egg-abducting squid. You control Velocispider by tilting the device– shooting is automatic, and you can charge a super attack by touching the screen.

Clever girl.

While the story and style of Velocispider sound like a crazy mash-up of a dozen different influences, it’s actually quite a focused little game. There are two goals: One is to beat each of the 20 levels and watch the short cutscenes of a Dr. Robotnik-like eggman taunting your raptor-spider. The other goal is to get a high score by surviving as many levels back-to-back as you can, then share that score on Game Center.

These twin goals make Velocispider a lot of fun to blast through the first time, but they also limit the variety and replay value. You’ll pick up a few types of special attacks, like rapid-fire, spread, and double shot power-ups, but there’s no store for upgrades or big changes in the gameplay besides a few notable boss fights.

Velocispider may not be a game that lasts you for ages, but for at least an hour, it’s some of the best shooting on the App Store. Whales and squid swoop down in formation, and with a casual tilt, you can lay waste to them with your mounted lasers. With more levels, enemies, and weapons, Velocispider could really be the ultimate shooter, so we’re hoping to see some substantial updates to this quality game.