Veggie Village Coloring Book

★★★ WOW! Come and enjoy 100 exciting lovely kids coloring and drawing book ★★★
★ Enhance kid’s creativity by for the first, Totally Free to try out.
★ Best for kids age between 3 to12 years.

We brings for the first time 100+ colors drawing book with unique rainbow colors brush feature.
Hay..! Kids get download this app, it totally free. This is a New Year gift to all creative kids who love colors!
Are you getting fed up??? With you’re existing coloring apps? We brings for you wide range of vibrant colors up to 100 so your kids can fully express their artistic side.
Veggie Village Coloring Book is the best digital coloring book for kids! Amazing vegetables funny charactors and their houses a perfect fantasy vegetable valley kids will love to coloring and amuse them.

We introduce your kids to colors and all types of vegetable’s he/she recognize, memorize. It’s far better than the real things! Veggie Village Coloring Book is full of fun giving your coloring activity to all ages.

This app contains a mixture of bright to dark colors kids can show off their creativity freely. It will keep your children busy with a positive activity that fits right into the palm of their hand. You won’t have to worry about them crying over or books that they have dropped and cannot reach. The touch sensitive screen is easy to pick up and play for both kids and adults.
This app will introduce your kids to the colors that are better than the real thing!
Kids love to coloring. Keep your kids busy for hours and enhance their creativity at the same time. Learning with fun. Your children finger emits colors like paintbrush. A child can simply replicate the colors from the reference image or use his/her imagination to fill in new colors. All the more fun for kid.

Why kids will love this app?
– Cute and attractive images to keep a child enthusiastic.
– 30 images of cute posture of amazing fruits farm Houses.
– Change colors with a finger touch.
– Ability to save completed pictures.

Why parents will love this app?
– Kids will be busy for hours coloring and enjoying themselves.
– Kids will develop an interest in drawing and painting. Who knows, your kid may turn out to be a born artist.
– No chances of color trickle on the floor or color stains on walls :-)

– Unique rainbow colors brush tool.
– Child friendly interface.
– Freely set different brush sizes to color or erase.
– 30 hand drawn artist stork’s pictures to color.
– Help children develop color selections scene
– Save pictures to Photos library for easy sharing or to use as wallpaper
– Easy to clear coloring page and start over

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