Variety Show Lite

Looking for some quick, old school arcade games with new twists on your iphone or ipod? “Variety Show” might be just the best deal for you.

“Variety Show” offers fifteen miniature games of great variety, which developed from some older arcade games and something new and but all of which offers entertaining gameplays. In “Variety Show”, you get to challenge Elvis in “Big hole”, compete against Stallone in Archery, play “face-off” Peking-Opera style, enjoy a fierce “Air Hockey” match, win an eating contest in “Burger Challenge”, bite your lips in “Whac-A-Mole”, and much more.

“Variety Show” could be the old time arcade fun you have been missing all these years. With its humorous animations, enduring gameplay and comedic effects, “Variety Show” is suitable and playful for everyone. But if you are the hardcore gamer, “Variety Show” also provides you with challenger’s mode, which will test your true skills and earn you a place in the hall of champions. “Variety Show” can be played in AI.

“Variety Show” is also the first presentation from Hurrah Game Company, for promotional purpose, all fifteen games for the price of one. You know it is a steal, and don’t miss it!

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