Vanished: The Island HD

Put on your boots and start digging for answers as you explore a majestic island, and search for your missing Aunt. Her archaeological digs may have uncovered something sinister tho, so watch out!

“… a perfect game to play on a lazy afternoon. Fans of “The Lost City” should feel right at home…” – App Unwrapper –

“This game is beautiful, simply stunning… The game-play is like Myst but with a Mayan theme to it… It is very story driven and the cut-scenes are presented nicely with written memories and reflections of the character…” – zdgames –

“The music strides confidently between spooky and mysteriously atmospheric. It really adds depth and emotion sorely lacking in other IOS games in the same genre.” – BridgeBurnerGames –


+++ Story driven game that reveals itself to you the more you play.

+++ Beautiful and immersive environments draw you into the game.

+++ Classic adventure that pays homage to games of the past with its own twist on the genre.

+++ Solve puzzles to unlock new areas and progress through the story

+++ A Quick Travel Map, a journal full of clues & artifacts from ancient Mayan civilization, and a drag-drop inventory system

— Vanished: The Island is translated into five languages, English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish

— Available for iPad 1, iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPadMini

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