Vampire Casino

You love vampires and werewolves? You are a natural born gambler? Then you must have the new Vampire Casino. Play the Vampire Slot, try out your luck at the roulette table, bet on the werewolf races or play Blackjack with Nosferatu and Omaha poker with Dracula. Playing the Vampire Casion App you will have the possibility to play all these games, you just have to be successful to get access to all levels. Are you the gambler by nature, who is able to get all area access? Try it out and test your skills in every single level:

1. Vampire Slot Machine
2. Vampire Roulette
3. Werewolf Race
4. Nosferatu Blackjack
5. Dracula Omaha Poker

This game app is a must have for all vampire fans and gamblers, who want to try classical games in a new graphic environment. Try out this adrenaline loaded game, which will get you addicted. On top of the highscore is just one place, which is reserved for the best gambler on the planet. Try your luck and get this position filled with your own name. The people, who were able to test this game app were flashed by design and functionality.

„Fantastic! It made me a real gambling fan!“ (Paul, 23)
„I never gave a dime on this vampire stuff, but this game is awesome.“ (Melissa, 31)
„I would play it every day. It is really good stuff.“ (Winston, 29)
„A must have for all real gamblers.“ (Toni, 37)
„It’s an amusing app.“ (Rosaria, 42)

No matter if you are 18 or 88, this app is really a fantastic gambling adventure for fans and non-fans of Vampire themes! An unrivaled gambling experience with unique atmosphere!

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