Valentine’s Gift Lite


Digital scrapbooking and cardmaking application.


App Store Review by Marze_naa (5 STARS):

Very special gift!;)

Very pretty cards…..thoughts that here something will find each, choice of element enables big combination a lot and creation of card on different openings. I advice in 100% ;) Topping fun;)


Create a unique card thanks to scrapbooking application. You decide what elements are suitable and you can add your own photos. Cardmaking is an original idea to make electronic greeting cards.

Elements with which you perform your card are hand-made with amazing accuracy. From the very beginning, you choose the interesting elements what makes that created card has individual character.

Create a card with the help of such movements as dragging, rotating, zooming. The person who got the electronic card is sure to please, knowing that you did it yourself.

* Publish on Instagram

* Send to Facebook and Twitter

* Add voice message

* Add photo from your library


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