Valentine’s Couples

“Cupid, with his bow and love arrows is looking to make couples, will you
help him to match the right couples? ”
Play Cupid in Vantine’s day as he has to make matches between different
couples. Collect special bonuses, power-ups and upgrade Cupid¹s abilities as
you help him matching the right couples. Watch out the nasty crow, he’s
always in disturbing Cupid’s line of sight!

€ Shoting control – Move Cupid’s bow to hit the right person
€ Earn high scores by hitting right people as fast as possible
€ Upgrade Cupid’s ability and purchase special arrows to complete the game
€ Shoot in different scenarios and get the best our iPAD graphic
€ Compare High Scores, Leaderboard and get all power ups during the
different levels
€ Free upgrade for season 4 and 5 coming soon

Additional features:
€ Beautiful artwork for background and well-rounded environment
€ Nice animations for Cupid and his couples
€ Nasty crow is a funny character that is Cupid’s biggest enemy
€ Suitable for ages 5 and up

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