Vacation Slots

Vacation Slots is the best free slots game available for your Iphone or Ipad. If you like casino games and love the thrill of winning at slots, you’ll love Vacation Slots. Vacation Slots combines the classic fun of playing slot machines with the ability to travel around the world and play slot machines themed after some of the world’s most exciting and interesting cities.

We know you’ll love playing Vacation Slots – it’s the best free slots game for you iphone and ipad today and has some really great features:

* 9 free slot machines with beautiful art for you to enjoy, with many more to come
* Earn bonus spins and other rewards by leveling up Geographically-themed slot machines featuring art and souvenirs from Tokyo, Bora Bora, Paris, Moscow, Venice, Barcelona, Beijing, Sydney, and London
* Collect souvenirs from around the world and share them with your friends as you level up and win jackpots
* Play fun mini-games and win cool prizes when you land on special bonus tiles
* Unlock the ability to play more pay lines as you level up on each slot machine
* Coming soon – send postcards and souvenirs to your friends on Facebook and Twitter

If you need to reach us for any reason, send us an email at we love to hear from you!

This product is intended for those 21 years or older for amusement and fun only.

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