A dazzling & addictive falling tile action word game with great graphics, powerups, extra modes, games and many stunning levels.
Fantastic reviews including:
* listed in top 12 hot word games in iTunes
* “top-notch word game” – iPhone Footprint
* listed as one of the top four puzzle games on

Two extra unlockable games: Timed and Freeplay.
3 difficulty levels “Normal”, “Challenging” or “Insane”.
Beat the tiles by dragging or tapping letters to make words and achieve the level score before the board fills or the time runs out. Pit your wits against an increasingly challenging gameplay as the tiles fall faster, the time allowed gets shorter and the level score required soars. If that isn’t hard enough for you, try switching the difficulty level to “Challenging” or “Insane” from the Settings menu for a white-knuckled race against the tiles. “Link” the lizard evolves during the level play to indicate the level completion status and the later levels have power-ups to give you a little helping hand from time to time.

With original music and ranges in gameplay from extreme to relaxing, this app is great fun and a “must” for all age ranges!

Win awards and AGON pocket points and challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
Be the fastest to progress, earn points and check out the Agon leader boards where you can build those pocketpoints.

AGON Online by Aptocore
AGON Online is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games enabling:
• Online leaderboards
• Location aware scores
• Awards system
• Friends lists
• Persistent player profile
• Facebook and Twitter integration

For more info on AGON Online please visit:

Advice for those using 2G or similar/older devices: The game will play well on these platforms but you will find the tile drop action smoother in the faster, more frenetic, stages if you switch the music off from the Settings menu.

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