US State Mottos – A Tap N' Learn Game

Do you know the mottos of all the states ?

With this Tap N’ Learn game, study state mottos then take random quizzes to test your knowledge.

Measure your savviness against players around the world with the Multiplayer mode, global Leaderboard and reap those Achievements for extra points before your friends do.

Tap N’ Learn keeps stats as you play, displays graphs of your progress, and fully supports Game Center.

– Multiplayer mode to play against your friends or random players around the planet
– Study mottos state by state
– Direct motto access by sorted list
– Shake or double-tap to display random motto
– Play timed quizzes to test your abilities
– Progress-based live-updating chart
– Game Center integration with Leaderboards and Achievements
– Add states to your ‘Favorites’ list for quick access

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