US Checkers

â–»Checkers follows a unique uncluttered design for a realistic look and feel. It owns a scalable and fast AI. Furthermore, it is the only checkers app having thousands of online players to play with.

Key features (Free version):
- Games against computer (4 levels, color option)
- Online games with Game Center
- 2 players game
- Draw recognition and automatic draw propositions for single player games
- “Lose to win” option against the computer: Lose all your checkers before the computer!
- iPod compliant: Listen to your own music while playing (except for Game center games)
- Leaderboards to compare your score
- Achievement boards to get your level
- Facebook link
- Nice look and feel

Key features (Premium version):
- no ads
- AI level 4 & 5, fast and smart
- Automatic record of all the games, and easy replay of any of them
- Possibility to unlock the pawns and move them anywhere off/on the board
- 156 officlal openings, more than 50 classical landings to play with (for iPad only)
- 25 problems to solve (from the classical ones to the easiest) with variations and exploration features
- Time limit games (like for chess)
- Show board numbers option (for iPad only)
- Delete button to come back to a previous board combination (2 players and single players game)
- More points gained per game center game
- More smileys to use with Game center (for iPad only)
- Red checkers option

A must have if you like strategic board games.

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