uPuzzle Jigsaw

Hey! Do u puzzle?

uPuzzle is a jigsaw puzzle app with a difference!

No longer are you limited to the physical dimensions of the device, and are finally free to tackle epic puzzles wherever you go.

There are no time constraints, no scores, no stress, and progress is saved between launches, so just relax and enjoy the puzzle experience while listening to your own music in the background.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours there’s a puzzle size to suit you, and with over 250 randomly selected and uniquely shaped pieces no two puzzles will look the same.

The controls are simple and intuitive; just touch and drag pieces with a single finger, or pan the viewing area with two fingers – It couldn’t be simpler!

Once pieces are moved to their correct location they will lock into place. Adjacent pieces can be joined into larger segments, which can be moved as a single group.

With a selection of professional images from photographer Jennifer Sutton (www.jennifersuttonphotography.co.uk), you are able to begin tackling puzzles immediately. When you’re ready to expand, uPuzzle allows you to import pictures from your own photo library for limitless puzzle combinations.

Warning.. uPuzzle is additively relaxing!

uPuzzle runs on iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone
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