A fun, vibrant game for all the family!

How well can you throw a pong ball?

With 40+ fun and challenging levels to play through, spread out over 4 zones, you will be playing for hours completely free!
Want to practice your throws? Hop on into the ‘Survival Zone’ and see how high a score you can get!
Challenge your friends or family in the new 2 player pass and play mode!

Avoid obstacles and use the objects in the level to maximize your score, earning you more achievements!

If you don’t like the selection of pong balls provided, you can pop into the store and buy ‘Ball Packs’ with more fun and colourful pong balls to use!
Also remember to check the store for more map packs when they become available to make the game even more awesome!

– 40+ levels
– 4+ different zones
– 10+ pong balls to choose from
– 20 more levels and 20 more balls available in the shop!
– 2 Player Mode
– Special Survival Zone
– A variety of physics based objects/obstacles to avoid/use throughout the levels
– 18 achievements to earn!
– 8 leaderboards to top!
– Openfeint and Gameceneter enabled! (GC through OF)
– Easily share your scores on Facebook!

Download and enjoy, we will keep the free updates coming!

Got an idea to improve the game? Found an annoying bug? Email us and we will do our best to fix bugs/update the game as soon as possible!

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