There’s a new game in town.
Are you fast? Are you ready? Are you capable?
Lets see!

Uopade will make your fingers grow muscles, and those muscle’s muscles.
Be careful, because when you start, you won’t stop.

Uopade takes place in a faraway land, where time is power. You will have to go through many levels. Where in those levels, time is of absence and in others, time is quite abundant.

You must tap the 12 boxes in the desired level, with surprises in each one. But you must tap the boxes in the desired ETA, and then load more boxes in order to sum up most tapped boxes. Luckily you will recieve some power beats! Not always though! So don’t get greedy.

You’ll see many game modes.
Some pyramidic levels, from beginner to pro, and then the special Challenge Mode. (You’ll see what its about)

Help us grow by simply downloading!
You have no idea what one download can do.

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