Unweb Plus

Unweb Plus is a very challenging, mind rattling Puzzle game.

If you like to take on some challenge for your brain, Unweb Plus is the right destination. An easy to use interface and gaming controls will give you total peace of mind to untangle the web which is tangled. Just drag and place the connector dots at appropriate points to untangle the web.

It sounds easy, but you will feel the real challenge once you have got the feel of it from the first few levels. There are various types of connector twisters used in this game to make it different from the usual puzzle like this game.

Give it a try and feel the punch of puzzle.

► 60 amazing tangled levels
► Collect stars to advance to further levels
► Nice and intelligently planned levels
► Slide Bar, Triangle Twister and Square squeezers to make it challenging
► A game for all ages

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