Untangled Pro

The big dots look simple, but they are tangled. Untangle all the dots and release them free.

Untangle is a challenging, tactical game with a unique strategy of its own. It is a game with a new perspective and challenge that will jangle your mind and will make your mind agile. Test your logics in the labyrinths of strings and dots!

√ The game concept is very tricky and fun to crack.
√ Different dots are connected via nodes and paths to create a tangled challenge
√ Place the nodes in such a way that no line crosses or overlaps each other
√ Everytime the levels gets tougher as you proceed further
√ Repeat attempts are always different in the game play unlike the other games
√ You have to tactfully reorganize the jumbled lines in this challenging game to make your way to victory

• Smooth user-friendly interface
• Time and Moves are restricted depending on the complexity
• Game Centre and OpenFeint support for global scoring

The dots are untangled, but not your sense..! Get a copy now!

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