- For those that like the original Taboo game, will find it so convenient to have thousands of Unspeakable Taboo cards in their pocket within their iPhone, to play everywhere you want without the hassle.
– The dictionary and translation embedded in the application will supplement your fun with creative time and learning experience.
– Use only one iPhone to play the Unspeakable Taboo like game and share the iPhone across the players.
– In case your friends are far away, feel free to find Unspeakable Taboo players with iPhones on the internet, log into Game Center, and play the game with voice!

Unspeakable™ is a Taboo™ like game available on iPhone™, iPad™, iPod Touch™.
★ The Ultimate Party Game of Unspeakable Fun on iPhone ★
★ If you are looking a for a Taboo like game, look no further ★

Supported Languages:
☆ ENGLISH US (1500+)
☆ ENGLISH UK (1400+)
☆ FRENCH (1100+)
☆ GREEK (500+)
☆ ITALIAN (600+)
☆ GERMAN (500+)
☆ SPANISH (1100+)
☆ TURKISH (1300+)
☆ POLISH (1000+)

★ ADD your own Cards, DOWNLOAD and SHARE community cards.
★ Internet MULTIPLAYER up to (4) players with VOICE through GAME CENTER
★ MULTILINGUAL (9) Languages included
★ Access to REFERENCE (Wikipedia, GTranslate, Built-in Dictionary).
★ Amazing CAROUSEL View on Landscape
★ GAME CENTER Achievements
★ NO DISTRACTIONS, No Duplicate words each run
★ SWIPE UP, if your team guessed the word to win a point.
★ SWIPE DOWN, if you accidentally used an “Unspeakable” word and lose a point.

Note: The FREE Version includes a small SUBSET of Cards available in the FULL Version of Unspeakable but you can purchase the FULL set of cards from within the application.

Taboo ™ is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. This product is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro and should not be confused with their product, Taboo, Taboo for Kids, Celebrity Taboo, electronic Taboo, Taboo Junior, Taboo for Kids, The Big Taboo, Taboo Body Language, Taboo Quick Draw, or any other similar product catch phrase, word party.

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