Unmentionables – Taboo for your iPhone

★ A Card Game for Real Friends.
★ The game Unmentionables gives Taboo™ a 21st century makeover and puts the real social back into social gaming.

★ Unmentionables is a free app that comes pre-loaded with free cards. By going through the quick tutorial, which explain shows you even more ways to earn cards, you earn even more cards for free. Share Unmentionables on Facebook and Twitter, and get even more free cards. We’ll even send you a push notification every week to tell you that there’s a new pack available, again, for free. If you ever decide you would like even more cards, you can purchase an extra pack of 100 cards for slightly less than the cost of a brand new Ferrari, and for a little more, you get a pack of 250 cards. If you want to throw in a sports theme to your game night, pick up the Sports pack, or if you’re more of a Discovery Channel fan, poach the Science and Technology pack. Best of all, you never have to pick up a deck of messy cards and move them. You can start a game of Taboo whether you’re in the Mojave Desert, or at the Arctic Circle.

★ But how do I play? I’m glad you asked. You and your friends split up into teams. You can have as many as you like, but maybe start with two. When it’s your turn, you’ll be given a card with a word that only you can look at. Try and relay what the word on top of the card is to your teammates, without saying any of the five forbidden words on the card. Round’s over? Ok, now switch.
If you’re playing Classic Mode, you can set up the rules however you like, whether it’s playing a certain amount of rounds, or to a score, with various lengths of time per round, and so on. If you’re playing Marathon Mode, it’s even simpler, make sure your partners get the word before you run out of time. The person with the longest time wins.

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