Have you ever seen something locked up with a code instead of a key? Have you ever had the urge to mess around with it just to see if you can unlock it, not knowing what the code is just to see what it unlocks?

Well how about you challenge yourself to unlocking codes just to see if you can beat your own time.

Unlocode is a very fun unlocker, the app will choose a 4 Digit code for you, your job is to figure out what the code is as fast as you can.

3 Levels, 2 time selections.

Level 1: Easy. The number picker will be very close to the code the app chooses, but how easy is it really to unlock it?

Level 2: Advanced, for those who think easy is actually easy, this will be your challenge with the numbers being a little further apart.

Level 3: Really?!! (hard??) with no clues at all to what the code is, this is your typical padlock or safe code. Someone set the code to lock it, and you have to guess without help of the numbers being close or far! Can you unlock it?

Timer1: the time goes on and on till you finally unlock it.
Timer 2: The count down timer, for those who would like a little bit more pressure, This will give you a set time to unlock it, if the time is up… Sorry, you lose!

So challenge yourself, are you good enough to unlock the code?

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