Unlimited Minesweeper

Unlimited Minesweeper is not yet another minesweeper! Of course, you have the standard mode where you have to reveal all the safe boxes as fast as you can.

But this application also proposes a very new time attack mode: you have a certain amount of time to reveal a special box. This special box leads you to a new level. You are now playing against the chronometer and have to reveal as much boxes as possible! Be fast and precise to be the best!

Features of the application:
– Standard mode: easy, medium and hard
– Time attack mode, easy
– Time attack mode, medium
– Time attack mode, hard
– Time attack mode, harder
– Game center with leaderboards and 27 achievements
– Offline highscores and statistics
– Language management (English, French)

Incoming features:
– More languages
– Multiplayer minesweeper
– Social networking

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