Looking for a fun game that’s quick and easy to play? Well Square Bounce is the answer (yeah, it’s corny but hey, it’s true). This addicting game has smooth graphics and awesome gameplay. Plus, this game has been download over 20,000 times!

Gameplay: You simply keep the balls (yes, even though they look like squares they are balls) in the air using your paddle. However it’s not as easy as it sounds, new balls will fall down from the top of the screen and you have to keep all these balls in the air. If you drop a ball (let it fall below the bottom of the screen) it’s game over!

Every time you hit a ball you get a point! Try and beat your high score.

Easy, Medium, and Hard modes.
Smooth, simplistic graphics.
Simple yet entertaining gameplay.
High score charts for all three difficulties.
A paddle.
Lots of balls (that look like squares).

Have fun!

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