Underpants Raccoon

Underpants (Super) Raccoon is an adventure game full of fun and is totally for free. With more than 200 stages of different background, the game challenges your visual and audio experience.
Bao and Mei are two racoons and have known each others since born. They lived a happy life in the jungle until one day Mei was captured by a hunter. Determined to rescue Mei, Bao head out to go after the hunter. Occasionally he was given by superman the “Super Underpants”. However a human’s underpants doesn’t fit for a raccoon’s shape, and that’s why here comes our magic and super raccoon-an underpants raccoon- who wearing the underpants on his head!


★Fun and easy to play
★Various kinds of items
★Splendor and elegant scene
★Over 200 stages to challenge
★Over 50 special stages to challenge your reaction and wisdom
★Game rank and achievement system In sync with Game center

★Special Events★
If you have more good ideas about this game, welcome to send us email to mrboo.so@gmail.com and service@boo.so. Your name will be list on the production list for the next new game if you do so.
You can let more friends to know and love our game on twitter,and also if you do so, your name will be listed on the production list for the next new game! pls remember @mrbooso on twitter!


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