ultimate race

Top3 in over 20 countries! Thanks so much!

Ultimate Race is a simple game to learn but quickly becomes addictive as you try to beat your best time and move up the local leader board. You can pick up the standard game for free in the App Store and if you want additional challenges you can get the “xtreme” version for 99¢ via an in-app purchase.

Superb through simplicity – Alex S. (UK)
Best game I’ve got yet on my iPad. Pick it up and put it down, it’s a real hand eye coordination challenge. Love it.

I recommend it. – James93! (Australia)
This is one of those really addictive games that have a very simple basis. It is really well presented graphics and sound wise and the gameplay is very simple making it easy to pick up on and hard to master.


welcome to the ultimate race!

»ultimate race« is a game about colors, music and your left and right hemisphere.

the basic idea is derived from a military stress test and incredibly easy to understand – yet you‘ll need good reflexes and an fast brain to succeed!

play several one player modes including the »ultimate challenges« campaign mode or get ready for the real deal: the ultimate two player duel modes. play against your friends and family on the same ipad – but be careful: these duels will turn friends into foes! start the race now!

– fantastic presentation and hypnotic electronic beats by gerald peklar, protone/kryss & muddyfunkr.
– awesome multiplayer – these duels will turn friends into foes!
– challenges (campaign) mode and free play single player modes.
– unlock achievements.
– global and local high score for each play mode – 18 in total!

what are are you waiting for? this game is fabulous and for free!


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