Ultimate Fight Trivia MMA

350 multiple choice questions covering Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC and Mixed Martial Arts MMA: No complicated game rules, easy scoring to follow and random bonus questions pop up to improve your score!
The questions cover MMA and UFC from the early days to 2012! How well do you know MMA and UFC? Are you the number one fan? Can you take the top score of all time and hold it?

How Ultimate Fighting Trivia works:

You get 350 FREE trivia questions covering UFC and MMA in this top notch ad supported trivia game. With in app purchases you can disable the ads and add 777 more questions! That’s over 1000 questions covering MMA and UFC all in one place! With Game Center you can compare your scores with your friends and find out who is the biggest fan. There are 4 multiple choice answers to each question. A random bonus question will show up once in a while, if you nail it you get mega bonus points, if you don’t you lose your shot at the gold!

The game also tracks your lifetime stats so you can watch how well you perform and prove that you are the number one Ultimate Fighting MMA fan!

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