Ultimate DragonBall Z

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Ultimate Dragon Ball Z app for all your Dragon Ball Z needs!

★Character Bio: Character bio’s include heros and villains.
-Explains their background
-Includes Fusion

★Transform: Includes all major transformations throughout Dragon Ball Z

Never seen DBZ? Great way to find out what it’s about by looking through the episodes.

★★★Episodes:Includes a Bio of every single episode
-Includes Fighting/Talking % (For those of you that want to know which episodes the most fighting occurs.)
-Includes brief bio on what happens in the episode to scroll through
-Includes Characters in the episode to scroll through

★★★Movies: Includes a Bio of every single movie, and characters in it.
-Includes Fighting/Talking % (For those of you that want to know which movies the most fighting occurs.)

★600+ Questions New questions added every week

See if you are able to get the highscore against yourself and your friends!

★★★★Easy Quiz: You have had to watch all of Dragon ball Z at least once

★★★★Hard Quiz: Good luck.

★Random Facts: Random things you may not have known about Dragon Ball Z

New Random Facts constantly added

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All Characters, names, places, and other aspects are trademarked by their respective owners.
Episodes are just links to youtube. Episode were not uploaded by us and are on youtube with the fair use act.
Contact Kindnessappmain@gmail.com if you believe a copyright violation exists

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