Ultimate Dice Bag

Gaming is a pasttime enjoyed by people all over the world. More often than not, the game will require dice, and lots of them. This app is an alternative to rolling physical dice, with a digital app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Ultimate Dice Bag is an application written by a gamer for gamers. It comes preloaded with all typical polyhedral dice and allows you to roll any quantity of them, with or without modifiers. If you are just rolling dice on the fly, the app comes with an instant roll feature for quick die rolling.

If you are rolling the same sets of dice repeatedly, you can set up preset rolls in the Presetable Dice feature. This feature allows you to queue up multiple rolls, and chain together different types of dice all with modifiers and totals.

If there is a need for non-typical dice, there is a purchasable addon to the application that will allow the user to create any die they can imagine.

Dice can be made with any number of sides and can be made to be numeric or non-numeric. You may also set a side to “Explode” causing such rolls to instantly roll another die. The images you see here illustrate how you would see a simple coin toss.

Once created, the new dice integrate seemlessly into the other aspects of the application.

With the Ultimate Dice Bag, you will never be without dice again.

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