Ultimate Brain Workout

*******TOP 5 in EUROPE within first week of launch! And TOP 3 in Games*******

The Ultimate Brain Workout app is profoundly committed to enhance your mental fitness through this highly engaging iPhone cognitive training game.

The “Ultimate Brain Workout” is designed to help strengthen the vital cognitive functions which include Memory, Attention and Visual Perception through a fun and enjoyable game allowing you to share results and compete with your friends and people all over the world.

From young to old, the “Ultimate Brain Workout” is designed for anyone who wants to improve their memory.

In our first app which forms part of the future UBW series, you will train your memory by remembering a sequence of numbers, gradually increasing by testing your memory’s complete potential. Check the screenshots for the intuitive design and main functions.

Compare yourself to the rest of the world! The in-app ranking system allows you to see where you rank amongst other users across the globe! Of course UBW allows you to share your results via Facebook and Twitter!

Do you have the memory of a goldfish or an elephant? Test and train yourself now!

First user reviews:
by helenahahaa – version 1.0 – 09-Jul-2010

I absolutely love this aplication! I use this app almost every day and I can already see improvement of my memory and attention level!

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