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uJigsawArt© Jigsaw Puzzle Games let you vividly experience jigsaw puzzle fun anywhere you can take your iPad. Break the puzzle into the number of pieces right for you, and actual assembly as easy as doing a real puzzle on a table – whether you are waiting in the cash register line or taking the train to work, or hanging out on a Sunday afternoon in a park!

uJigsawArt© Jigsaw Puzzle Games are also challenging to share. Time yourself and keep your top scores; save your finished puzzle and post it online; make your friends green with envy at your crushing win by posting your final image and time via the app’s Twitter and Facebook buttons.

Last, uJigsawArt© Jigsaw Puzzle Games are also an aesthetic and educational experience – who doesn’t like to look at beautiful paintings and drawings? Here you have a whole library of great masterpieces spanning the history of art, from Medieval illumination to Post-Impressionists like Van Gogh. The pinch-and-zoom iPad function lets you can zero in on details that capture your attention.


1. You have very realistic gestures for virtual puzzle assembly
2. Sound effects can be turned on or off
3. You can post on Twitter or Facebook
4. Create puzzles ranging from 4~300 pieces
5. Zoom in and move virtually around the game table
6. Choose from 32 HD images in the uJigsawArt library
7. Choose from a variety of table surfaces to play on
8. Save your finished puzzle images to the iPad library
9. Time yourself and track your top scores


uJigsawArt© Jigsaw Puzzle Games allow you to use a variety of gestures and features for interesting, realistic game play.
– One-Finger Movement & Rotation – Touch one side of the puzzle piece to move, rotate or join it to another.
– Direct Movement & Rotation – Touch the puzzle piece with one finger and game table with another to move with more control.
– Pinch to Zoom – Use two fingers to zoom the game table in or out as with usual iPad images.
– Magnetic Pieces – Two connecting pieces join together with magnetic force when close to each other.
– Destroy the Heap – Double tap to scatter the initial proposed puzzle apart to start game play or to scatter a heap of pieces.
– Grab & Move – Use three to five fingers to move a number of pieces at a time or to put some aside in a heap.
– Reference Image – Optional helping tool that can be turned on or off in the Settings, permitting players to place puzzle pieces directly on the original image. If correctly placed, the pieces will lock into position to facilitate assembly.


“Sound FX” – Indicates whether game sound effects are on or off.
“Timer” – Allows selection of analog, digital or off timer modes.
“(Reference Image)” – Indicates whether Reference Image function is on or off.
“Background” – Permits selection of table background player prefers.


Please send us your comments and feedback at fixit.ateliermends@gmail.com or right here on the App Store.

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