UFO Hunter

From the dawn of time to today’s headlines, the UFO phenomenon has a long and rich history. You can now become a UFO Hunter. The truth is out there and you are uniquely positioned to assist in this historic adventure. Impact the world with your UFO sightings .

You are standing in an open field, you pull out your iPhone and launch UFO Hunter, you tap “Search” button and right before your eyes are all the historic sightings reported in your area. Suddenly you look up and see something, what is it – you decided to take a picture and as you set your iPhone photo it’s clear the evidence is now undisputable – it’s a UFO. Excited, you decided to “Report” your findings on UFO Hunter and your journey begins…

With all the tools at your fingertips you can search UFO’s anywhere you take your iPhone, discover UFO history, learn about UFOs, watch videos and decided for yourself if they are real for the truth is out there!

Now get busy and start looking for UFO’s and report them to UFO Hunter Headquarters.

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