Is your finger connected to your brain?

From the makers of the latest puzzle sensation UConnect, comes the second installment in our “U” puzzle series… UFlip!

UFlip is a revolutionary new puzzle game which is simple yet also extremely fun and addictive.

Enter into the world of UFlip, a dramatically different place than you are accustomed to. Where your clean, modern and sleek iPhone has been transformed into a edgy rusted industrial machine. Your goal is simple: Flip the balls to the correct position to power the machine and move on. Deceptively simple but definitely trickier than it sounds.

How to play

Flip the balls to the correct position, by dragging your finger from ball to ball in one continuous motion and without lifting your finger so that the board is all one color. Keeping in mind that you can only move vertically and horizontally and every time you pass over a ball it flips over to the other side.


● Built for iOS4 (fast app switching, optimized for Retina display)
● Original game play
● 255 brain teasing puzzles
● 5 different achievements
● 3 helpful hint options – to help you get through a puzzle if stuck
● Pick-up-n-play simplicity
● Unique mechanical sounds
● Eye catching industrial 3D graphics
● Demo mode – So you can let your friends try without losing your progress

Watch our video on YouTube to see game play demonstration:

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