Uehara Adventure

2D horizontal-scrolling action game “Uehara Adventure”
Regain the stolen Body!

Gimmick! Mystery! Trap!
Various stages with the special feature of rich variety are prepared.
Whenever it progresses, there is various new discovery.
Therefore, a player is not bored.

The gimmick which employed iphone/iPodTouch efficiently, of course is also prepared.
Area which carries out a tap and makes a scaffold,
Area which will also reverse a scaffold if iphone is turned,
Area which he follows while cleaning with a finger the screen which the enemy soiled,
At others, leans, shakes, ets…

Various traps are set in the stage.
Difficulty is somewhat high. Those confident need to challenge.
However, a person weak also has an OK game.
Even if it makes a mistake, it can re-challenge from the area same a maximum of 100 times.
Please challenge repeatedly and clear.

It is autosave for every area.
It can also advance little by little using free time.

[The game movie is this URL]

It is installing also in a support site.

[How to Play]

Direction button : Move
Round button : Jump, Use Items
Triangular buttonĀ : Back, Retry
round button during a jump : Spin

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