*** NEW: AUTO-DRIBBLE mode to make the dribble easier for Rookies ***

Basketball is surely about hoops and dunks… but it’s also about dribbling your ball down the street! Go!

On the road to your favorite playground, only your basketball dribble skills can help you avoid losing your ball.

Choose the ball you prefer and dribble it with your finger (including over/on objects for bonus), spin the ball on your finger, become invincible, unlock balls, gain speed bonus,…

Object of the game? Dribble down the street as far as you can without loosing your ball on a street element!… and share your scores with other basketball dribblers on twitter and gamecenter!

uDribble simulates as far as possible the feeling of dribbling a real basketball, so keep trying to become a real uDribbler!

Lost? First, follow the tutorial you can start at the upper right corner of the main screen. And don’t forget to visit the game website to check the video where you can see someone playing the game, it will help.

You’re not a pro bballer and you can’t dribble the ball? Try the Auto-dribble mode! It’s easier to dribble with it: just tap the ball and let your finger on the screen to make the ball following it!

Future updates will provide new street elements, new balls and sometimes new moves or types of bonus that will help you increase your scores and dribble far away in the street!

uDribble, the only basketball game with no… basket!

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