Ubongo Lite

What’s Ubongo? The concept is extraordinarily simple. In each round players are given a large shape and a handful of small pieces. The goal is to fit the small pieces neatly into the larger shape, without leaving any gaps. It’s also important to finish the puzzle as quickly as possible, because the fastest player will have the most chances to collect coloured gems. When the allotted time runs out, the winner is the player who has the most gems of a single colour.

The original board game is a blockbuster in countries as Germany, where its popularity has taken Ubongo to the highest position in the lists of sales of board games. The game has sold 1.000.000 units in Germany (including all the different versions) and has won many awards, including Best Family Game award in Sweden (Ubongo is the only game that has won this award two times, in 2003 and in 2009) and Game of the Year award in Norway and Finland.

This special free version gives you the chance to play limited games in single and in multiplayer mode. Buy the full version to enjoy the complete Ubongo experience!

Lite version features:

-Limited access to Story Mode

-Limited access to Multiplayer Mode

Full version features:

– More than 500 puzzles

-10 different characters

-Story Mode

-Quick Game

-Time Attack Mode

-Multiplayer Mode… up to 4 players in the same iPad!

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