Uber Skills

Uber Skills – The FPS Gamer’s Secret Weapon

Every once in a while a revolutionary program comes along that changes
gamers forever – leaving a new game genre in the process.

With Uber Skills, you can hone your FPS gaming skills on your iPhone
in short windows of time while you’re out and about, standing in line,
riding the bus or sitting on the sofa – without having to wait for
your desktop to boot up and load, install all your security and game updates,
search for a server to play on, then download the game server updates.
Sometimes by the time you’ve finally gotten into a game, you have no time left to play!!

Most FPS games are designed to wow you with the graphics and reward
the people who play the most hours a day – but gameplay, action and
sometimes even fun takes a back seat. Uber Skills is designed to make
use of all your time to help you become a talented, brilliant and
healthy gamer (yes, healthy – in the process of creating this game we
discovered that the better an athlete you are, the better you will be
able to play games. Uber Skills has several levels that will engage
you in running, walking, and shaking the device, in addition to all
the other skill isolations that we had time to make into levels).

Many games are designed to keep weak players weak by making them sit
out after they lose – sometimes for five seconds, other times for
several minutes. Uber Skills was designed to keep you playing as long
as you want.

**Life is too short to play bad FPS games**

Here at Artwerkz, we’re studying your gaming abilities scientifically
to find ways to improve them quickly and dramatically.

Uber Skills distills diverse games mechanics into one game so you can
quickly improve your game. No more running through a map for two
minutes just for two seconds of action, and getting beat over and over
by a hidden sniper tucked away in their nest.

Through this app, you can discover things like your first game is
lower than normal and you do have to warm up, and your ability to
focus and tune out distractions will increase your score significantly
determining if you are doing better in most games is only hand wavy
because you’re always playing against different people. one moment you
can be at the top of the scoreboard, another at the bottom.

You still need to invest quality time in learning the tricks unique to
each game, the layout of each map, but Uber Skills helps you work on
abilities you need in all games – universal techniques, quick
reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination, good scanning, tuning out
distractions, and much more.

In a world of pro gamers, how do the noobies compete? One daring game
company rises up with the answer – Uber Skills.

Who knows where this new genre will lead. We’re opening up a whole new
world of possibilities with our gameology. Legacy first-person
shooters have had trouble adapting to the touch interface and small
screen, but we’re all over it like an eight-year-old on a box of

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