U.S. Presidents Quotes & Sayings

U.S Presidents Quotes and Sayings – a new experiment playing hangman that you want again and again.

This Hangman specialises in quotes from popular to profound ones. When finishing a saying, you will find meaningful things in life and see how a President think about the life.

Gaming Rules:

Starting the game, you will be given 3 hearts. Guessing one wrong word, you will lose one heart. If your heart reachs zero, game will be over.

When you reach:

★ 1000 points, you will be granted one heart.
★ 10.000 points, you will be granted one more heart.
★ In case your hearts is less than 5, at each level 100.000, 1.000.000, 10.000.000 … you will be granted one more heart.

The game also give you thousands quotes and sayings of 44 U.S. Presidents with features/benefits :

★ Quote of the Day
★ Swipe gesture to browse Quotes
★ Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Mail, SMS (Internet needed)
★ Info about the presidents (Internet needed)
★ Favorites mode
★ Browse by Author, category and Keywords
★ Retina Display support, with iOS

Just check achievements to see how you are upgraded day by day and share it with your friends, also give us your ratings and reviews.

Thank you for enjoying.

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