U-Ducks is a physics-based-water-strategy-chess-like indie game. It’s especially suitable for all mentally bassist people.

U-Ducks is a turn-based strategy game with mutant ducks from a radioactive waste pond of Winterdänger mines, Finland. Your goal is to demolish opponent’s Overlord. To accomplish this, you have take wind speed and direction, waves, your piece’s strength, season, time of day and even music into account. Should you hide,wait and ambush? Or just take a risk and attack? Hide behind an island? Concentrate your forces? Wait until the night is over and attack at dawn? Or maybe just listen to the double bass music and feed ducks to the monster fish? While you do the math, you can enjoy the beautiful world of the U-Ducks.

– Atmospheric 3D world, 5 seasons, day & night
– Awesome double bass music
– Simple rules, complex variations
– 5 piece types with different abilities: Overlord, Queen, Soldier, Orienteer and Sailor
– Pass&play with your friend or play against computer opponent
– Change difficulty from normal to ridiculously impossible
– 21 levels
– A Monster fish and exploding radioactive barrels

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