U-Boat Commander

In U-Boat Commander, you take control of a U-Boat in the midst of WWII. Destroy enemy fleets before they move out of range in a series of missions. Dodge depth charges underwater if you’re spotted and attacked by a destroyer. In the face of enemy convoys do you have what it takes to become an ace commander?


– Battle through 20 exciting missions in campaign mode with increasing difficulty providing a constant challenge.
– Select your level of difficulty at the start of a campaign to create even more of a challenge.
– Test your skills in Quick Battle mode against a huge fleet of enemy ships to see how long you can survive.
– Launch torpedoes at the oncoming fleet of ships using your finger to set the direction.
– Face several different ship types such as destroyers, battleships and carriers which have different point values when sunk.
– When destroyers are present during a mission, you may be spotted and have to evade depth charges in an underwater battle mode.
– Listen for the beeps of the U-Boat’s sonar as they increase in frequency when you’re spotted by an enemy destroyer. Prepare to face an underwater battle!

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